We Hate the Evil Empire!

October 16, 2009

Not talking about Russia, North Korea or even the U.S. under George W. Big music labels – if you hate them, really hate them, you have to visit Indie Update’s label bashing pages. Here’s a quick quote:

You have probably all heard it before. In order to make it as a musician, you have to be in New York or LA, you have to sign a record deal, and you have to submit to a specific style of music with your clothes half off.

As an Indie Artist, you probably already know that this is not even close to true! In fact, research says exactly the opposite.

Good for a laugh and some enlightenment.


Drummer Carmine Appice to Appear on Nights with Alice Cooper October 20th — woo!

Los Angeles, CA – Legendary drummer and philanthropist Carmine Appice was recently interviewed by Alice Cooper for the Nights with Alice Cooper radio show to support the recent Carmine Appice Guitar Zeus CD release Conquering Heroes. The interview is scheduled to run on Alice’s show on Tuesday, October 20th as part of the annual Halloween celebration broadcasts.

“It was great talking with Alice for the interview for Guitar Zeus”, affirms Appice. “We go back to the 60’s when Alice opened up for Vanilla Fudge. Alice told me he loves projects like my Guitar Zeus because it is different than just a band and he loves to play them. He said he is gonna rock with Guitar Zeus on his show. He also asked me to get involved with his charity foundation to help inner city kids. I said I would love to.”

Fuel Records released the Guitar Zeus project by legendary drummer Carmine Appice, featuring a compilation of 24 of the best Guitar Zeus songs. Conquering Heroes hit the streets on August 25th. The double-disc set showcases the prolific talents of many world renowned rock guitarists including Brian May, Ted Nugent, Slash, Zakk Wylde, Richie Sambora, and many more.

Passion Pit to Tour

August 20, 2009

Massachusetts electro-heads Passion Pit have announced a tour of North America, kicking off September 25 at Central Park Summerstage in New York.

Sweeter than spit, don’t you think?

When you’re touring the Western Slope of Colorado – and I know you will because it’s better than the rest of the state – take the time to look for a gig by Grand Junction-based Wrong Impressions. If you like headliner rock in a personal venue, you won’t be disappointed.

If you can’t make a gig, drop them a line at their MySpace page and they may be able to hook you up with a CD. When it comes to live music their gigs are at the top of my must-hear list. No shit.

El Que Sabe, Sabe

April 19, 2009

EL QUE SABE, SABE presents
“El Negrito del Sabor” LUISITO AYALA LIVE

Country Club

With This Pass
Drink Specials: $5 beer/wine & $7 mixed drinks ’til 7pm
After 7pm Top Shelf Drinks $10
$7 Apple Martinis/Cosmos for the Ladies 11pm to Midnight

Print and Present this PASS to the Cashier
(One Pass Per Person, Print As Many As Needed)

248 West 14th Street Bet. 7th & 8th Avenue, NYC
For more information call
(917) 701-0811

A sweet little tune has been brought to my attention by the sweet little Knobtweakers site. Taste the fresh drum and bass of “Aven le Roma!” by Nomada & Gál Attila.

Kerascene Is on Fire

April 21, 2007

Check out:

0Phlux is a solo artist, originally from Manchester UK, now based in Rome, Italy. The music is cross-breed electronica, soaking up influences from 60’s psychedelia, 70’s prog & punk, 80’s UK indie-pop and 90’s techno/trance. The second album “Swarm Of Tacit Rainbow” is out now.

Kerascene – only the freshest.

Back the F….

April 7, 2007

I just woke up. Sorry for the lack o’ news and downloads. Lost some digits but they’re all back now.

Yes. I am a newt and I regrow limbs. And ears. I’ve been listening to a ton of Rooftop Promotions music – wikked shite from (mostly) over the seas. Take a listen! They got ya ‘lectro, ya disco, ya reggae, ya soul…

Canton selflessly serves up free full-length mp3 DJ mixes for you to download for your listening pleasure. This pick is a live techno-oriented set, but you know there’s gonna be bass, baby.

Dinosaur Mix (77 MB)
“Coal and wood-fired techno, recorded live in the middle of a cow pasture just outside Dinosuar Nat’l Monument.”

Pretty big one…

Music Mashups = Cover Fever

December 3, 2006

OK, a little complicated but bear with me because this will be so worth your time if you’re into bizarre cover songs. If not, flip on ever to iTunes and buy some shit or something.

Kotog has awakened me to the oftentimes sketchy but always worth a look blog Copy, Right?, which is wielded by a woman who apparently scours the underbelly of the web for strange covers of mostly strange songs. (And in a frightening note, she says that complete strangers send her these things, too.) I won’t link to the downloads – one reason being there are too many and another is that her notes on the songs are as good as the music.

Yum!Yum!ORANGE “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (Bobby McFerrin cover)
I honestly never thought I’d post a cover if this, one of my most-hated songs EVER, but dammit if those Japanese ska bands don’t charm my socks right off everytime.

Little Shepherd “Beate Ausem Block (Jenny from the Block)” (J.Lo cover)
Wow. This is like a terrible car crash from which I inexplicably can’t turn away.

Without these tidbits, I could not in good consciense provide a trusting reader with a Bobby McFerrin download. Free or even if they paid you to download it.

Visit Copy, Right?. Hurry. The songs sometimes have short shelf lives and you’re not going to find this kind of aural stimulation just anywhere. Don’t tell your mom I sent you.