Review: “So What!!!” by Tenry Johns

July 13, 2006

Tenry Johns is billed as “the King Kong Rocker” and if that refers to his booming voice and massive sound, it fits. Johns has a knack for big, bouncy rock ‘n’ roll with a solid core of the blues.

Note: This is not “rock.” This is not “rocking.” Johns and his crew play the real deal – “rock ‘n’ roll” (with the funky ‘n’ thing) and the sounds are “rockin’.” If you’re not ready for some real, loud, dance in your pants rockin’, you’d better just go sit down with your great-grandma.

Despite Johns flavoring his songs with a good dose of blues, don’t expect to get the blues from this CD. Johns is the most optimistic musician/human I’ve ever heard. Got a problem? Johns says, “So What!!!” (Exclamation points his.)

“Party Time” is a great way to kick off the CD, because it captures the sense of fun that’s to come. All of the songs’ lyrics are understandable and – almost instantly – you can sing along. That doesn’t mean the lyrics are too predictable; they’re just comfortable. Not to mention, you can live out your dream of being a funky rockin’ background singer a la Motown. Gladys had to have those Pips, after all.

Johns can get sentimental and romantic, but even when times aren’t the best (“We Can Make It”) he continues to be upbeat.

If you’re only happy when it rains, or tend to wear a lot of black clothes and white makeup, the King Kong Rocker may not be your man. But even a goth could use some good news sometimes, right?

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