Shellshock – metal meets DnB

July 13, 2006

Injected Into the Hive by Shellshock

Music can be hard to visualize. Not so with Shellshock’s “injected.” Just imagine drum n bass on a hot, hot date with heavy metal and neither brought protection … fast-forward nine months and you have Shellshock.

This U.K. band has cleverly mixed elements of metal, hiphop, techno and DnB along with raging vocals to create a unique mix that may make you think of System Of A Down or Slipknot, but the thoughts are fleeting. This stuff stands out and stands on its own.

The first song, “Ultimate Solution,” is the most metal of the bunch. Heavy metal singers with those death-metal, bottomless-throat vocals always freak me out some. I’m afraid I’m going to read the liner notes that say: “And that was the last note he ever sang.” But Shellshock wisely mixes it up enough to get me past my squeamishness, adding in pure melodic vocals and some respectable rapping. The lyrics are wise – and this carries through all the tunes – and the music is nice and dense.

As we go along, the DnB elements get more exposure. I’m a DnB idiot and was a bit skeptical when I read the release for this CD. I had to hear it, but I never dreamed this matchup would have me hopping and head banging at the same time. Yes. It’s good.

In my opinion, best of the tunes goes to “Association With the Times” – because of my DnB leanings. “Parallel Reality” actually has the most impressive mixing of genres on the CD. It’s all worth a listen, even if you tell yourself you’re only trying it for curiosity’s sake. Expect originality.

Visit Shellshock’s Web site at or their home at


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