Music Review: Taxi Doll “… waiting …”

July 15, 2006

If this shorty CD is a taste of things to come, the Big Labels will be knocking on Taxi Doll’s door soon. This hot 8 song disc (3 of the tunes are remixes, but more on that later) goes by in a fantastic flash and I dare you not to dance. And to you poseurs who say you don’t do electronica – or “rocktronica” as the sound has been described – you, too, will dance.

The first song “Waiting” starts with a loud funky bass line that holds up the backbeat, while vocalist Dhana Taprogge does downright anything she wants from strong to sensual with her voice and attitude. This is a great beginning and the quality continues all through the CD.

Although the band has been favorably compared to Garbage, the song “Give Me More” sounds oddly similar to Nelly Furtado. Probably just some short-circuit in my brain. For those who like Garbage, but feel maybe they’re a little too dark for overandoverandover listening, you need Taxi Doll.

Now, about the 3 remixes … most of the time this just burns me as a waste of space and a buttload of ego. Taxi Doll’s remixes are actual – and incredible – reinterpretations of the songs “Look at What You Get” and “Waiting.” I would be hard-pressed to chose my favorite mix if I could only have one. Thankfully, I don’t have to choose.

You or someone you know really needs this CD, I promise you. Visit Taxi Doll at or just go to CD Baby and grab the CD.


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