Notes to be noted on Ipod Knockoffs

July 15, 2006

Hong Kong rocks! It’s true. A $45 (with shipping) fauxPod that holds over 500 songs, I can record live concerts with AND holds a zillion or 2 ebooks for standing-in-line reading – you can’t beat this. But…

#1. Expect your user’s manual to be written in Chinese.
#2. Realize you’ll receive funky earbuds that will a) shed the ear condom in 57 seconds, b) jam the edge of the “protective” wire mesh into your ear canal in 37 minutes, c) sound best when the previously mentioned items are torn off and thrown away.
#3. Know that the Chinese believe all foreigners have earholes the size of a quarter,
#4. Understand that the pod will have a 3/32 size connector, meaning if you want to adapt up to that groovy pair of ’60s headphones you got on eBay, it will require a chain of adaptors three times longer than the pod itself.

But $45? Bless you, my Chinese friends.


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