Review: “We’re Already Gone” by The Beautiful Girls

July 15, 2006

This band had me hooked with the riveting trumpet lead in to the first song of the CD. “We’re Already Gone” then funked into a laid-back reggae sound which is a signature of this work.

Nicely down-tempo, with smoothly delivered vocals and thoughtful lyrics make it hard for me to believe this is a young band. These guys been playing since they were four, or what? Maybe their mothers played Bob Marley and the jazz classics with the headphones stretched over their pregnant bellies.

Whatever it was, it led to a mature sound for a new generation. Nodding to the past, the Girls take off on their own path and I can see them opening a trail for other up-and-coming bands with sounds that go far beyond the Top 40.

“Skipping Cracks” is the one song that keeps coming back to me. It reminds me – in an emotional way – of Everlast’s “What It’s Like”. Very good. The guitars help to hold up the feeling of desperation in the words. This is an impressive mix of musical skill, emotion and the bravery to put it out there.

The Beautiful Girls have created a nice debut. This is sweet for kicking back and listening alone, great martini (or drink of the month) party background tunes and, I suspect, a very good live show.


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