Review: Little Daytona Presents “The Freshman Class”

July 15, 2006

Just got handed Little Daytona’s “The Freshman Class” – can I say one more time the talent in this town amazes me?

Little Daytona brings together Blackjack, K-nyne, Kialie and L.nix in a 13 song CD that mixes everything from hardcore rap, the smoothest of hip hop – and don’t kill me if I say it – a fine instrumental trance number that made my pathetic day shine.

From the CD, I’d judge that these killers’ live show would be more than GJ deserves. The slide from Kialie and Blackjack’s “Fed Up” into the too hot “Switchz” was as smooth as belly skin. Then the drop from “Switchz” to the transcendent “Abduction” … sweet cool down.

And you hardheaded hardcore lovers will surely be pleased by the just-so-nasty “On the Low.” If not, I think you must be posing.

Although the CD has the PA for explicit lyrics, don’t think these artists depend on the F-word and its variations to carry their lyrics. There’s plenty of intelligence and art to their words. Seems like you can’t be real at all these days without getting a parental advisory.

I’m glad I got the chance to hear this and I’m gonna keep an eye out for their next show. If you can’t wait – and why should you? – you can pick up the CD by Googling Four Front Entertainment.


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