I hate writing “bad” reviews

July 17, 2006

I recently got a CD from a jazz singer named Marilyn Scott. I’m not a jazz expert, but I know enough to say her voice is pretty good for a young, skinny chick.

Trouble is, the lyrics on the CD “Innocent of Nothing” are so transparent it’s maddening and almost insulting to listen to them. The music is good, the voice is good and the words are honestly crap. It’s like kindergarten komposing.
And I don’t understand. This is not her debut album and Scott’s voice is the instrument she’s showcasing. So why the predictable pap for lyrics? It’s like Carlos Santana playing guitar riffs on one of those plastic kiddie guitars. He might do it for a laugh, but not in his worst nightmare would it end up on a CD.

So here it is. A “bad” review. Ms. Scott, to need to have someone around you who will tell you when you’re not being challenged. You need writers who know more than words. Lip-syncing bimbos can get away with insipid lyrics, because top pop really is booty without brains. But jazz is smart. Jazz is witty and insightful. Don’t scrimp. Your talent deserves more introspection. Not to mention, more self-respect.


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