Interview:Sam Green & the Time Machine

July 19, 2006

An odd interview … is Mr. Green a fruitcake or just a sensitive poet? Pretentious or perceptive? Only time will tell – or not.


When did you first realize you had a talent for writing songs?

I was a young boy. Before time and space, and the race of life. I would listen to the radio each and every day. Being very young. It was easy. I was about six or seven or younger. In those days, in the family lounge there was a piano. I would listen to the hit songs of those days. As you do.

I loved and would, work them out on the keyboard. Music was a currency. So we would sing all the time. For our friends. I would change the words of popular songs to my own twist.

Why do you call yourself “Sam Green & the Time Machine?”

You know because with any music you need many names to put it in a box. I have been called many things. Somewhere I found and like the name Sam Green & the Time Machine because it reminded me of the sixties when there were great writers in folk and soul, jazz and heart. Also because the family business is that of watch repairs. Even so, it stuck for that different reason.

Describe a typical live performance.

To see, to hear, to enjoy. This is what I have said for many a time. I do enjoy performing. On TV, video or live. Once you know your work. You must keep in tune with the elements. That what I do. Study and reflect on my writings. The expressions on stage, are a buzz and then the release after would of a job well done. Who could ask for more?

How has the Internet affected your music and/or your ability to promote your music?

In the early days, I would get over 100,000 visits a year. Then there was … one page with a letter from the Queen of England. Telling me she liked the music, which I sent her. I am a subject of Australia, so l say, with all my heart Long Live the Queen. The masses of visitors went for many years. Now days I don’t pay for statics, but there are few passing through by my site. Word of mouth is expressed quickly. At the speed of light on the net. So it can be good, if you have the angle. My angle, is I write and play music.

Who are your influences?

So many, greats, as every grain of sand, as every cloud of thought. Time is a traveller and it changes. One day, is a blessing and has its book to read. There are many, from the singers in the street, to the world that puts at my ears to be heard. Children playing the school grounds, to seagulls flying to feed their young. Music is life and my life is music.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to an aspiring songwriter?

Be real, be good to yourself, try a little, if it’s written in the sands of time, it will be.. You will see your seeds of thought grow. As my songs can be heard in the wheels of time. They helped me. As they will help you. Grow with the universe.

Anything else?

Network, know who’s who, learn from your mistakes, make this world better than it was when you where born. For all and yourself. My trouble with my songs, is that I love them all, but in different ways. As children, they grow with me, in thought and light.
Sam’s music can be heard at his web site


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