Days Away From Life

July 21, 2006

Life of Riley: “Days Away From Life”
Kikstart Records Release: August 22

The debut CD, “Days Away From Life” from Kikstart Records’ LIFE OF RILEY will be released on August 22 through Alliant/Koch Distribution (to hear the music go to

LOR’s repertoire showcases rock selections that run the gamut of heartfelt emotions. Their hard-rocking music evinces quality musicianship with their use of dual guitar leads and a solid rhythm section (think Switchfoot meets Chevelle). Cassidy Campbell’s vocals are distinctive and project a sense of true passion and urgency. Life of Riley is anchored by brothers Cassidy and Brice Campbell on vocals and guitar. The quartet also includes life-long friend, guitarist Barry Ochsner, and rounding out LOR is drummer Joel Killingsworth.

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