2fer Free MP3 Download: Canton Becker

August 1, 2006

I couldn’t decide which of these to promote, so what the hell. Both are down beat, both are more than worth the bandwidth. Get your breakbeat, get your DnB on now! Thanks, Canton.

Chinese Theater
Deep ambient-breakbeat, lots of swirling melodies. I recorded the basic riffs for this track on my laptop while waiting in line to see Harry Potter at the Chinese Theater in hollywood. The vocal sample is from a Japanese newscast.

Indian Summer
This is a deep and dark drum ‘n’ bass track featuring a beautiful (hindi?) female vocal. At times the vocal sample is chopped up and sequenced to resemble a tabla performance.This is one of my favorite pieces yet…


3 Responses to “2fer Free MP3 Download: Canton Becker”

  1. Ian Boyle Says:

    I like your music very much.
    Best wishes, Ian.

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  3. phittighelm Says:

    sorry, where is rss feed of your blog?

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