Click it and Stick it? Effects of Click Fraud

August 4, 2006

What the harm in a little click fraud? You tap a button or two for a friend … hey, the good ol’ boys have done this since the dawn of business. Well, it’s actually a lot worse than a couple of 37 cent Adsense clicks or so each day. And clicking it and sticking it to the “man” doesn’t turn out to be so fun when you’re the man. PPC fraud is hurting everyone who depends on this model for their biz.

Site Pro News has set out some examples that honestly set me back a step. I’ve known about the existence of PPC fraud, but I didn’t fathom these tidbits:

  • Clíck fraud has become the greatest threat to the rapid growth of the paid search marketing sector. The Interactive Advertising Bureau estimates that 20 to 35 percent of ad clicks are fraudulent.
  • Clíck fraud … has become larger than the total magnitude of credít card fraud in the U.S.

    PPC will be replaced. Site Pro News gives the dig on PPA, PPP and other acronyms in the works by Microsoft, Google, Yahoo… worth the read. Go to Site Pro News now, your revenue my depend on it.

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