CREAMaid. Odd name, good idea

August 7, 2006

Have you noticed there are at least 43 billion places online to find negative opinions/comments about a company or its products, but there are precious few that offer the other side of the coin? You can’t tell me there are no happy buyers out there. When the buying mood is on, I don’t only want to hear what not to buy, I want advice on what I should buy. And if it’s rough for me, I hate to think what it’s like for a company who is seeking positive input.

So, cue CREAMaid. It’s a service to connect happy customers with happy companies. If you want to take some of your sweet time to rave about the latest, greatest widget you found, you can actually earn a buck or two for your effort. If you don’t like what the company’s selling, just don’t write.

What it all boils down to is CREAMaid has created a tool to allow a company to reward a customer for rewarding the company for providing a great product. What could be simpler? :o)


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