Boosting Blogs in Search

August 22, 2006

Google Labs has started beta testing their accessible web search for people with visual difficulties. Hot! Google’s Accessible Search evaluates usability of Web pages, meaning pages that text readers can scan easily and render into speech will rank higher on search pages than bloated, corporate-speak sites.

Just so happens, most blogs have clean lines without a lot of clutter, so we’ll be scooting closer to the top soon. Indie Music for everyone!

If you think your sites might be on the illegible side and want to optimize some pages, a good search engine marketing firm like USWeb can help you clean the lines.

USWeb has released some interesting details on testing they’ve already done. Doing a straight search of Google for the terms “flowers,” “online marketing” and “Internet marketing” and then repeating the search with Google’s Accessible Search, they found vastly different results in ranking. USWeb is an expert at accessibility compliance, so they weren’t too surprised to find both their own sites and sites they’ve worked with right there at the top. Might want to keep that in mind just in case Google decides to add this factor to their current algorithm.


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