Biz 2.0 – Games Get Real

September 30, 2006

The further we get into the online era, the more its leading luminaries recognize that the real world is not going away.

An excellent quote from the Future Boy Business 2.0 article “Videogames Get Real” discussing the new burst of real world gaming. Spurring this awakening was the Come Out and Play Festival in NYC featuring 25 technology-enabled street games.

In case you missed it, imagine a game of Pong on the side of a skyscaper – and your body is the paddle. Dodge, jump, cavort; the way to win was to get your body moving. And for those who like their games a little darker – how about assassination instructions via your cell phone?

Outrageously fun and healthy. Finally some information on a technology trend that will get us off our arses. Read this and other great biz/tech articles at Business 2.0.


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