Scott Goldberg Interviews Burnlounge God

October 13, 2006

Great interview with one of the founders of Burnlounge, Stephen Murray, by Scott Goldberg. Check it out if you’re thinking of becoming a music mogul or just because you dig quotes like these:

Where do you think is the best music scene happening in the US?
I think it depends on what kind of music you’re listening to. Austin is great. Houston is a big center for Hip Hop. I think there’s a resurgence of the really great songwriter craftsman – there’s a big resurgence coming out of Nashville right now. I don’t know that the traditional music centers like L.A. and New York are necessarily a great scene at the moment.

Truthfully, the internet has made it irrelevant where you’re from, The Artic Monkeys being the prime example: A band from Englandhaving more fans in the US than in the UK.

What genre of music has the most passionate fans?
Indie music, by far. More Burnlounge retailers are into the unsigned, unique bands that you’ve never heard of than they are the big artists.

On that note, what’s a band or artist that no one has heard of but everyone should know about?
A guy who has been consistently in the top three and has topped the charts a lot of times on our service is a kid named Coffey. He’s a kid from Texas, a 6’4” African American guy who wears a cowboy hat. He has some really interesting stuff.

Sounds tasty. But why the deal about his ethnicity in a cowboy hat? Since when do we give a F*** as long as the music is good?


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