Success the Organic Way

October 18, 2006

The Interent is becoming more and more relevant to businesses that are “local” compared to global. They’re learning to include their URLs on biz cards, stationary, and promotional items.

Some are even savvy enough to tap into the Google Adwords program to get exposure through the keywords they purchase. But if this is not done right, a local business can end up paying out a lot more than they pull in.

The best Local Marketing Opportunity is often overlooked – or more often not even known. This opportunity is Google’s organic (or natural) search results. USWeb explains organic results this way:

When you do a search on Google you will normally see two paid Ads, which are from their AdWords network. Below those Ads are the Organic (Natural) results of the Search Engine, in this case Google. If you want to rank at the top of the Organic results you can’t pay Google to have your website placed there. The only way you can rank at the top of Google’s Organic results is by making your website the most relevant website, according to Google, when someone searches for a Keyword that is important to your business.

There are two main general factors that determine what website is considered most relevant for a search term; relevant website content and your popularity on the Internet compared to your competition.

Yes, it sounds complicated. But yes, it is very profitable and very obtainable. You just have to invest in good, solid search engine optimization and USWeb can help you get to the top in ranking for your keywords.

Thanks to USWeb for sponsoring Thirteen Rhymes.


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