DnB Scientek Basement Free Downloads

November 22, 2006

BeSonic serves up a whole platter of sick Scientek Basement drum and bass downloads. Feel free to browse the selection – hitting “Chainsaw,” “Karma” (lounge dnb), “Donnerwetter,” “Hagakure” and more more more.

Fan d.d.ranged had this to say about the band: “You have just blown away anything I have ever played or heard in one massive ass-kicking blow to the mind!!!” Hype or hip? There’s only one way to find out.

Scientek Basement makes their home on MySpace. Stop by sometime.


One Response to “DnB Scientek Basement Free Downloads”

  1. HEY Man…

    Thanx very much for ur support !!!

    If u wanna have our new promo CD for free just leave me a message at myspace or at my e-mail adress with ur name and your adress…

    Keep it jungeling
    Greetz from Cologne

    Robert (Dj Questa) – Scientek Basement

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