Did You Get Your Ebates?

November 28, 2006

Umm hmmm. Are you looking for discounts, coupons – or better yet – cash back on purchases? Thanks for the wonder of Online Commerce, Ebates can get you up to 25% cash back at more than 800 popular stores. I can’t even name 800 popular stores, so I’m pretty sure I’m covered.

How about you? If you sign up as an Ebate member you can save an average of 5 percent on every purchase at participating online stores, and up to 25 percent at some stores.

So if you ever shop Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, Circuit City or Target, look for your hot deals at Ebates.


One Response to “Did You Get Your Ebates?”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hi there!

    I’m Rebecca, the blogger at Ebates. Thanks for writing about us! I’ve added you to our blogroll and wonder if you’d like to do the same. The URL is http://blog.ebates.com.

    Thanks again!

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