Drummer Carmine Appice to Appear on Nights with Alice Cooper October 20th — woo!

Los Angeles, CA – Legendary drummer and philanthropist Carmine Appice was recently interviewed by Alice Cooper for the Nights with Alice Cooper radio show to support the recent Carmine Appice Guitar Zeus CD release Conquering Heroes. The interview is scheduled to run on Alice’s show on Tuesday, October 20th as part of the annual Halloween celebration broadcasts.

“It was great talking with Alice for the interview for Guitar Zeus”, affirms Appice. “We go back to the 60’s when Alice opened up for Vanilla Fudge. Alice told me he loves projects like my Guitar Zeus because it is different than just a band and he loves to play them. He said he is gonna rock with Guitar Zeus on his show. He also asked me to get involved with his charity foundation to help inner city kids. I said I would love to.”

Fuel Records released the Guitar Zeus project by legendary drummer Carmine Appice, featuring a compilation of 24 of the best Guitar Zeus songs. Conquering Heroes hit the streets on August 25th. The double-disc set showcases the prolific talents of many world renowned rock guitarists including Brian May, Ted Nugent, Slash, Zakk Wylde, Richie Sambora, and many more.


When you’re touring the Western Slope of Colorado – and I know you will because it’s better than the rest of the state – take the time to look for a gig by Grand Junction-based Wrong Impressions. If you like headliner rock in a personal venue, you won’t be disappointed.

If you can’t make a gig, drop them a line at their MySpace page and they may be able to hook you up with a CD. When it comes to live music their gigs are at the top of my must-hear list. No shit.

A sweet little tune has been brought to my attention by the sweet little Knobtweakers site. Taste the fresh drum and bass of “Aven le Roma!” by Nomada & Gál Attila.

Kerascene Is on Fire

April 21, 2007

Check out:

0Phlux is a solo artist, originally from Manchester UK, now based in Rome, Italy. The music is cross-breed electronica, soaking up influences from 60’s psychedelia, 70’s prog & punk, 80’s UK indie-pop and 90’s techno/trance. The second album “Swarm Of Tacit Rainbow” is out now.

Kerascene – only the freshest.

Canton selflessly serves up free full-length mp3 DJ mixes for you to download for your listening pleasure. This pick is a live techno-oriented set, but you know there’s gonna be bass, baby.

Dinosaur Mix (77 MB)
“Coal and wood-fired techno, recorded live in the middle of a cow pasture just outside Dinosuar Nat’l Monument.”

Pretty big one…

And now …

November 30, 2006

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Alt rockers, THE PIGS, are offering their tongue-in-cheek track, “I’ve Got Santa Claus,” as a holiday download beginning December 1.

The track, which tells the tale of Santa hiding out until there’s Peace on Earth, is available as a free download, or, for .99 cents as a donation toward world peace, with all net proceeds going to UnitedForPeace.org. As a further incentive to buy the download, all those making a donation by December 25 will have a chance at winning one of two Apple iPods. Winners will be announced on January 1, 2007.

Cough up that .99 and if you can’t afford that … spread some peace, love and understanding. Now, dammit!

BeSonic serves up a whole platter of sick Scientek Basement drum and bass downloads. Feel free to browse the selection – hitting “Chainsaw,” “Karma” (lounge dnb), “Donnerwetter,” “Hagakure” and more more more.

Fan d.d.ranged had this to say about the band: “You have just blown away anything I have ever played or heard in one massive ass-kicking blow to the mind!!!” Hype or hip? There’s only one way to find out.

Scientek Basement makes their home on MySpace. Stop by sometime.

Free Woxy.com Podcast

November 10, 2006

WOXY.com’s “Lounge Acts” podcast featuring The Teenage Prayers is now available for free download. The podcast subscription information can be found at www.woxy.com/music/loungeacts or by searching for “woxy.com” at the iTunes Music Store.

The Teenage Prayers performed at WOXY.com studios on October 25th, 2006 as part of the WOXY.com “Lounge Acts” concert series. WOXY.com also presented the Teenage Prayers’ Dayton, Ohio, concert at the Canal Street Tavern later that same day.

The podcast features all new, unreleased material, much of which will be featured on the Teenage Prayers forthcoming second album, due in early 2007.

Great interview with one of the founders of Burnlounge, Stephen Murray, by Scott Goldberg. Check it out if you’re thinking of becoming a music mogul or just because you dig quotes like these:

Where do you think is the best music scene happening in the US?
I think it depends on what kind of music you’re listening to. Austin is great. Houston is a big center for Hip Hop. I think there’s a resurgence of the really great songwriter craftsman – there’s a big resurgence coming out of Nashville right now. I don’t know that the traditional music centers like L.A. and New York are necessarily a great scene at the moment.

Truthfully, the internet has made it irrelevant where you’re from, The Artic Monkeys being the prime example: A band from Englandhaving more fans in the US than in the UK.

What genre of music has the most passionate fans?
Indie music, by far. More Burnlounge retailers are into the unsigned, unique bands that you’ve never heard of than they are the big artists.

On that note, what’s a band or artist that no one has heard of but everyone should know about?
A guy who has been consistently in the top three and has topped the charts a lot of times on our service is a kid named Coffey. He’s a kid from Texas, a 6’4” African American guy who wears a cowboy hat. He has some really interesting stuff.

Sounds tasty. But why the deal about his ethnicity in a cowboy hat? Since when do we give a F*** as long as the music is good?