A sweet little tune has been brought to my attention by the sweet little Knobtweakers site. Taste the fresh drum and bass of “Aven le Roma!” by Nomada & Gál Attila.


Canton selflessly serves up free full-length mp3 DJ mixes for you to download for your listening pleasure. This pick is a live techno-oriented set, but you know there’s gonna be bass, baby.

Dinosaur Mix (77 MB)
“Coal and wood-fired techno, recorded live in the middle of a cow pasture just outside Dinosuar Nat’l Monument.”

Pretty big one…

BeSonic serves up a whole platter of sick Scientek Basement drum and bass downloads. Feel free to browse the selection – hitting “Chainsaw,” “Karma” (lounge dnb), “Donnerwetter,” “Hagakure” and more more more.

Fan d.d.ranged had this to say about the band: “You have just blown away anything I have ever played or heard in one massive ass-kicking blow to the mind!!!” Hype or hip? There’s only one way to find out.

Scientek Basement makes their home on MySpace. Stop by sometime.

Get to the Gay Bar now! Although a bit more Pop than we usually pimp – this is some sick fun – read on:

“So basically, in 2003 Detroit rockers Electric Six released their track “Gay bar”. It wasn’t entirely serious. It was a massive internet cult even before its release. We, The Young Punx, thought it would be entertaining to do a remix of it, making it into a drum and bass, hip hop, Jean Michelle Jarre disco bonanza. Of course. Our remix seems to have taken on something of a life of its own…”

Gay Bar (5MB)

The DevilZhard DnB Download

October 15, 2006

Grab up some sexy hot jungle beats from DevilZhard. I mean “Bump Nasty Jungle” The beat may not be hard, you may be after listening. That’s all I’m sayin’. I can’t remember the mb count, but I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Enjoy, my pets.

Free DnB Download Deccan Traps

September 30, 2006

Take a listen –

Deccan Traps’ “Are We Okay” (3.35mb)

Hmm… hard to say. Does okay include liking slippy trippy hitch-up DnB? If so, we are more than okay. Download yours today!

Kolomna, Russian Federation, rocks! Check out Ze_Coder’s Danger and Power music – a great choice for this week’s DnB download. Step kiddies!

Ze_Steel 4.4Mb

Your much-delayed download of the week. Sorry DnBers, you know I love more than setting random wastebaskets on fire, so I’ve got a long, dark number from Beatokko aptly named “Needlebreaker.” Here’s what Exegene has to say about it:

“Beatokko … switches up the vibe, with a dark brooding synthfest. Dark but floaty atmospheres kick off this one, while the percussion filled drums build up and a mean gritty synth rears it ugly head. A pounding subbass flops its self into the track like a fat man jumping into an already packed paddling pool. The track then breaks out into a rolling frenzy with some deep arpeggiating synths. One for the darker sets!”

Beatokko Needlebreaker (12.5MB)

Dance my darlings ….

I have a tasty treat for you sicksick DnBers this week … that is, if some zombie-flavored-space-jungle beats would make your mouths water just about now. Check this stuff:

Throttler’s ‘Obey’ kicks off the aural madness with an onslaught of metallic beats with enough edits to keep any breakcore fan happy. Subtle strings flow behind the growling basslines before some screaming hoovers explode out, old No U-Turn style!” So says Exegene.com who brings this week’s aural kiss in a fist – a 10.9MB mp3 free for the downloading.

More on Exegene:

Exegene is an independent netlabel set up in 2004 to promote the works of unsigned drum’n’bass and jungle artists worldwide. We are a non-commercial organisation, releasing singles, EPs and LPs by our artists in MP3 format, which can be listened to absolutely free. No subscription, no login, no nothing. Exegene brings you only the very finest unsigned DnB talent, and if we don’t you can tell our mums. (Mums can be contacted at mums @ exegene.com)

I like these people.

Here’s a nice dark sound to reward you for patiently waiting more than a week for your “weekly” free download. “Kill Anyone” is listed as explicit … so if you’re like 4 or something, ask your mom before you download. Otherwise enjoy! Here’s the band’s blurb:

The Drummin Rebelz were founded in 2004 in a small village near Mannheim(germany). Members are Trucudent & Tagnology. These guys are playing strictly dark dnb, but the have also made some jump up tunes. Their first gig was in Karlsruhe (24.03.06 Insurexxion B-Day). After this party they became the resident DJs in a small club called “Casa Cubana” in Speyer.