A sweet little tune has been brought to my attention by the sweet little Knobtweakers site. Taste the fresh drum and bass of “Aven le Roma!” by Nomada & Gál Attila.


Canton selflessly serves up free full-length mp3 DJ mixes for you to download for your listening pleasure. This pick is a live techno-oriented set, but you know there’s gonna be bass, baby.

Dinosaur Mix (77 MB)
“Coal and wood-fired techno, recorded live in the middle of a cow pasture just outside Dinosuar Nat’l Monument.”

Pretty big one…

Music Mashups = Cover Fever

December 3, 2006

OK, a little complicated but bear with me because this will be so worth your time if you’re into bizarre cover songs. If not, flip on ever to iTunes and buy some shit or something.

Kotog has awakened me to the oftentimes sketchy but always worth a look blog Copy, Right?, which is wielded by a woman who apparently scours the underbelly of the web for strange covers of mostly strange songs. (And in a frightening note, she says that complete strangers send her these things, too.) I won’t link to the downloads – one reason being there are too many and another is that her notes on the songs are as good as the music.

Yum!Yum!ORANGE “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (Bobby McFerrin cover)
I honestly never thought I’d post a cover if this, one of my most-hated songs EVER, but dammit if those Japanese ska bands don’t charm my socks right off everytime.

Little Shepherd “Beate Ausem Block (Jenny from the Block)” (J.Lo cover)
Wow. This is like a terrible car crash from which I inexplicably can’t turn away.

Without these tidbits, I could not in good consciense provide a trusting reader with a Bobby McFerrin download. Free or even if they paid you to download it.

Visit Copy, Right?. Hurry. The songs sometimes have short shelf lives and you’re not going to find this kind of aural stimulation just anywhere. Don’t tell your mom I sent you.


December 3, 2006

Mark Sabbatini of All About Jazz has offered up some links to sites where you can download – freely for the most part – some holiday music so rancid even its creators have disavowed most copyright or connection to it. Which makes the songs into instant cult classics. Natch.

Bongobells offers about 50 mostly out-of-circulation albums …

Many of the albums are discontinued, colossal commercial failures and other projects doomed to obscurity before digital capturing allowed them to be elevated to cult-like status. Generally the album’s title and lead performer(s) are about all the information available without exhaustive research, but the sites provide enough description for listeners to know what they’re getting before committing bandwidth to them. All of the songs are in unprotected MP3 format, but many are also likely in a legal “grey” area at best. But since eBay seems to be about the only way to get the actual CDs, you probably aren’t starving anybody out of their Christmas dinner money.

Unfortunately, the Bongobells have nag screens between downloads and other unpretty wait times, but if you browse and find a lot that you want, you can get a one-month membership for the price of a J-Lo CD and download them .zip quick.


Your Turn to Tip Me Off

November 28, 2006

Ok, I’ve been putting up free download links for a while (rather erratically, I know, that’s my life story) and now I think it’s time the favor is returned.

Take a minute and drop me some of your hot download links. You know about the dnb mania that slobbers all over this site, but what the hell, share what you love. Doesn’t have to be Jungle … but I think a good beat should be the criteria. We love getting jangly and trippy sketchy, so knock us out with your picks.

Why? Because you rock.

Alt rockers, THE PIGS, are offering their tongue-in-cheek track, “I’ve Got Santa Claus,” as a holiday download beginning December 1.

The track, which tells the tale of Santa hiding out until there’s Peace on Earth, is available as a free download, or, for .99 cents as a donation toward world peace, with all net proceeds going to UnitedForPeace.org. As a further incentive to buy the download, all those making a donation by December 25 will have a chance at winning one of two Apple iPods. Winners will be announced on January 1, 2007.

Cough up that .99 and if you can’t afford that … spread some peace, love and understanding. Now, dammit!

BeSonic serves up a whole platter of sick Scientek Basement drum and bass downloads. Feel free to browse the selection – hitting “Chainsaw,” “Karma” (lounge dnb), “Donnerwetter,” “Hagakure” and more more more.

Fan d.d.ranged had this to say about the band: “You have just blown away anything I have ever played or heard in one massive ass-kicking blow to the mind!!!” Hype or hip? There’s only one way to find out.

Scientek Basement makes their home on MySpace. Stop by sometime.

So much in fact, I’m sending you somewhere else … for free music.

Indie Vision Music has a hot download page for you and they’re giving away downloads from the Summer Slam! Compilation. Twenty-three tracks in fact; including cuts from Secrets Known To Liars, Kings To You, Space Pilot, Your Eyes My Dreams, Death Is Not Welcome Here and Dogwood.

Let me know what you think. Yes, you can comment here.

Free Woxy.com Podcast

November 10, 2006

WOXY.com’s “Lounge Acts” podcast featuring The Teenage Prayers is now available for free download. The podcast subscription information can be found at www.woxy.com/music/loungeacts or by searching for “woxy.com” at the iTunes Music Store.

The Teenage Prayers performed at WOXY.com studios on October 25th, 2006 as part of the WOXY.com “Lounge Acts” concert series. WOXY.com also presented the Teenage Prayers’ Dayton, Ohio, concert at the Canal Street Tavern later that same day.

The podcast features all new, unreleased material, much of which will be featured on the Teenage Prayers forthcoming second album, due in early 2007.

Get to the Gay Bar now! Although a bit more Pop than we usually pimp – this is some sick fun – read on:

“So basically, in 2003 Detroit rockers Electric Six released their track “Gay bar”. It wasn’t entirely serious. It was a massive internet cult even before its release. We, The Young Punx, thought it would be entertaining to do a remix of it, making it into a drum and bass, hip hop, Jean Michelle Jarre disco bonanza. Of course. Our remix seems to have taken on something of a life of its own…”

Gay Bar (5MB)