We Hate the Evil Empire!

October 16, 2009

Not talking about Russia, North Korea or even the U.S. under George W. Big music labels – if you hate them, really hate them, you have to visit Indie Update’s label bashing pages. Here’s a quick quote:

You have probably all heard it before. In order to make it as a musician, you have to be in New York or LA, you have to sign a record deal, and you have to submit to a specific style of music with your clothes half off.

As an Indie Artist, you probably already know that this is not even close to true! In fact, research says exactly the opposite.

Good for a laugh and some enlightenment.


Florida Calling

November 12, 2006

I don’t know about where you’re located, but today is the coldest day we’ve had so far this season. I’m seeing snow… but I’m thinking Florida. Although most people imagine spring break when they consider an Orlando vacation, I’m just thinking of warm breezes and not bikinis.

And then, there’s Disney World – that’s the other thing that instantly comes to mind. But did you know there are more than 50 other theme parks in the area? All of them competing against the Big D and willing to offer you great deals and outrageous fun to pull you away from the mouse’s grasp? Add to this the fact that they are constantly upgrading and improving their rides. And you’ll be safe knowing that even if some roller-coaster ride scares your pants off, your bum will be nice and warm.

Not Poetry, Not Pretty

September 30, 2006

How do women feel getting spammail like this?

“I worship equipment!”

“I love that you think having sex with me is a task!”

I don’t think so…

How are you bro ? Why don’t you leave the crowd of men who try to combat this? Thousands of men ranked the non-hormonal Extra-Time number one, and you will, too. Hate seeing her unhappy face after you finish too quickly? Just take a look: http://deleted.haha! You’ll make your equipment suit the task – and she’ll worship you for that!

Hey bro, just save your money and take the best sex-ed Disney ever handed out: “Talk to the girl.”

Novel and Sensual Spam

September 9, 2006

It offers the most novel and sensual experiance possible!
element of many games, from Chess through to Scruples.
Of all the possibilities that are
unimaginative to human thinking.
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aren’t entirely clear, it is probably not a
As individuals, the age of technology
affects each person in

(Elisa Kelley, Disciplinarian)

Las Vegas, NV ~ August 4, 2006 ~ “The Chain” has leaped to # 37 in its 4th week on the ACQB Singles Charts and is becoming a hit with fans and radio stations.

JAK PARIS shot from obscurity to recognition with the release of his debut album Electric Revolution on March 28, 2006. The release of his first single N.B.D. (Not Back Down) put JAK PARIS in the public eye as it received airplay on Modern Rock and Hot AC radio. The music video received national publicity on television and print media as well as MTV On Demand, reaching an audience of over 10 million.

“The Chain”, a modern version of Fleetwood Mac’s mega hit, is a collaboration between alt rocker JAK PARIS and actress Scarlett Pomers (REBA) to bring attention to her charity Arch-Angels, a dedicated fund within the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), to support the ongoing efforts to raise awareness and funds for education, advocacy, and research. The result of the collaboration is a rock ‘n’ roll single in the truest sense with cross over appeal that will surely position their second single.

You can purchase “The Chain” at itunes.com with proceeds to benefit the National Eating Disorders Association. You can also buy the full CD, Electric Revolution, @ amazon.com, cdbaby.com, towerrecords.com, http://www.jakparis.com, and everywhere downloads are sold.

Uh – go there now! I know you rock, so I’m not writing anything else down here. Go! Thank you!

What the harm in a little click fraud? You tap a button or two for a friend … hey, the good ol’ boys have done this since the dawn of business. Well, it’s actually a lot worse than a couple of 37 cent Adsense clicks or so each day. And clicking it and sticking it to the “man” doesn’t turn out to be so fun when you’re the man. PPC fraud is hurting everyone who depends on this model for their biz.

Site Pro News has set out some examples that honestly set me back a step. I’ve known about the existence of PPC fraud, but I didn’t fathom these tidbits:

  • Clíck fraud has become the greatest threat to the rapid growth of the paid search marketing sector. The Interactive Advertising Bureau estimates that 20 to 35 percent of ad clicks are fraudulent.
  • Clíck fraud … has become larger than the total magnitude of credít card fraud in the U.S.

    PPC will be replaced. Site Pro News gives the dig on PPA, PPP and other acronyms in the works by Microsoft, Google, Yahoo… worth the read. Go to Site Pro News now, your revenue my depend on it.

  • Who Do You Look Up To?

    July 19, 2006

    Just got an interesting email making me question whether the generation who’s all hot now (Y? Z? Millenniums?) has any decent role models in the media.

    I guess what comes to mind is Ms. Spears/Federline, the Simpsons (not the cartoon ones, or are they?) and the Hiltons, nasty cRappers and related jailbait … but that can’t be all there is.

    Personally, I think Angelina Jolie – aka Mother To the World – is pretty impressive. Salma Hayek is making people finally ask why more than 300 women have been murdered in Cuidad Juarez lately and the police don’t have a single suspect. Bono is still riling everyone up – or does he count because he’s like 200+ years old?

    Hong Kong rocks! It’s true. A $45 (with shipping) fauxPod that holds over 500 songs, I can record live concerts with AND holds a zillion or 2 ebooks for standing-in-line reading – you can’t beat this. But…

    #1. Expect your user’s manual to be written in Chinese.
    #2. Realize you’ll receive funky earbuds that will a) shed the ear condom in 57 seconds, b) jam the edge of the “protective” wire mesh into your ear canal in 37 minutes, c) sound best when the previously mentioned items are torn off and thrown away.
    #3. Know that the Chinese believe all foreigners have earholes the size of a quarter,
    #4. Understand that the pod will have a 3/32 size connector, meaning if you want to adapt up to that groovy pair of ’60s headphones you got on eBay, it will require a chain of adaptors three times longer than the pod itself.

    But $45? Bless you, my Chinese friends.

    just in case you were wondering. Um … this Vroombox thingy-dingy is supposed to be attached on the outside of your car and with a little diddling with the throttle, your Taurus can sound exactly like a Lamborghini!

    And, yes, the chicks you manage to fool with this gadget will also believe your “spray-on-condom-in-a-can” really works!

    This is Damn Interesting – the blog, you know – but I never suspected an unbalanced drive shaft could lead to the cure of my hysteria. Of course, I never realized I suffered from hysteria until I read this blog, but thank god the cure was there right along with the symptoms.

    Visit http://www.damninteresting.com/?p=618 to cure what ails ya. And don’t worry if you don’t think you have hysteria or need any paroxyms … you’ll soon be “down with it.” Trust me.