Passion Pit to Tour

August 20, 2009

Massachusetts electro-heads Passion Pit have announced a tour of North America, kicking off September 25 at Central Park Summerstage in New York.

Sweeter than spit, don’t you think?


El Que Sabe, Sabe

April 19, 2009

EL QUE SABE, SABE presents
“El Negrito del Sabor” LUISITO AYALA LIVE

Country Club

With This Pass
Drink Specials: $5 beer/wine & $7 mixed drinks ’til 7pm
After 7pm Top Shelf Drinks $10
$7 Apple Martinis/Cosmos for the Ladies 11pm to Midnight

Print and Present this PASS to the Cashier
(One Pass Per Person, Print As Many As Needed)

248 West 14th Street Bet. 7th & 8th Avenue, NYC
For more information call
(917) 701-0811

Biz 2.0 – Games Get Real

September 30, 2006

The further we get into the online era, the more its leading luminaries recognize that the real world is not going away.

An excellent quote from the Future Boy Business 2.0 article “Videogames Get Real” discussing the new burst of real world gaming. Spurring this awakening was the Come Out and Play Festival in NYC featuring 25 technology-enabled street games.

In case you missed it, imagine a game of Pong on the side of a skyscaper – and your body is the paddle. Dodge, jump, cavort; the way to win was to get your body moving. And for those who like their games a little darker – how about assassination instructions via your cell phone?

Outrageously fun and healthy. Finally some information on a technology trend that will get us off our arses. Read this and other great biz/tech articles at Business 2.0.

If you’re looking for a solid link popularity campaign through Google, AOL and/or MSN, hit up DiscountClick. They have rocking – can we call it that – self-service tools like a Keyword Density Analyzer, PPC traffic count, rank and traffic utilities and more.

DiscountClick won’t try to shove you into a long term deal, being one of the few SEO joints that let go month to month. DiscountClick also offers a list management and processing service. I need to spend more time on this site and find out what it is they don’t do …

Your much-delayed download of the week. Sorry DnBers, you know I love more than setting random wastebaskets on fire, so I’ve got a long, dark number from Beatokko aptly named “Needlebreaker.” Here’s what Exegene has to say about it:

“Beatokko … switches up the vibe, with a dark brooding synthfest. Dark but floaty atmospheres kick off this one, while the percussion filled drums build up and a mean gritty synth rears it ugly head. A pounding subbass flops its self into the track like a fat man jumping into an already packed paddling pool. The track then breaks out into a rolling frenzy with some deep arpeggiating synths. One for the darker sets!”

Beatokko Needlebreaker (12.5MB)

Dance my darlings ….

Andy Bowen D&A Hip Hip Hop

August 15, 2006

Andy Bowen’s “D&A: Mix Tape” (feat. Danny Arellano) could be the best of the best of any genre. That’s a lot coming from me, since I’ve never claimed to be a queen of Rap/Hip Hop. Bowen took a sampling of his songs (reported to total more than 800) and came up with a hefty 19 for this CD. And he although he dared me to in the first song, I never found a cliche.

This guy’s range – and intelligence – is daunting. I want to call this Hip Hop for the Head, but that dismisses the way his words touch the heart. I risk getting all trite myself, but these songs literally had me laughing or crying or both.

Bowen’s ability to spin between sexual, political and spiritual spheres is impressive. “Kama Sutra” should tip you off that things are gonna get a little nasty in here, but you don’t expect the humor that he blends in with the testosterone rhyme.

“Go BIG or Go Home (Live to Skate)” is an anthem for everyone who indulges in extreme behavior on wheels, whether 2, 4, 8 or more, and would make a perfect X Games theme. Who among us – who has gone way too fast and way too far – can’t relate to the advice: “Pre-order them veneers / cause teeth is souveniers.”?

And yeah, until you’ve heard “Grand Junction” in the lyrics of a Hip Hop tune you just don’t know the variety of flavors the genre has to offer – cowboy dip apparently being one of them.

I can’t write a tenth of what I want to say about this collection and have it fit in the paper. There’s no posing. No cliches. No gangsta. No misogyny. No hatred. Andy Bowen just drops rhymes like this:

“Mister Bush, my grandfather
pulled your father
out the water,
did you bother
to thank him for your life?
Now try and fucking swallow.”

What can I say, other than thank you for the music and the meaning? Visit Andy’s Myspace and download everything you can.

Headman to Hit Streets

August 6, 2006

“…Finally the long awaited 2nd HEADMAN album will be released end of October 2006.”


His new album includes vocals from the lead singers of THE RAPTURE, RADIO 4, THE BOOKS and even EROL ALKAN from TRASH. The first single ROH will feature Stephan Dweale from SOULWAX and a remix by PLAYGROUP.

Keep your eyes open for a review as soon as this is in my hot little hands … err, ears. Soon!

OK. You all know how I feel about blogging for money. Yes, plumbers get paid for plumbing, dealers get paid for dealing and writers should get paid for writing. How can that not make sense?

So here is a company that agrees with me – Blogsvertise – and offers opportunities for writers to review advertisers. Why does this have to be so revolutionary? Can you even drive, wear clothes or eat these days without advertising a product?

Blogsvertise has this premise:
“Our Advertisers want YOU to mention and talk about their websites products and services in your blogs and journals. You write up an entry in your blog about the advertiser however you want! You can review the site, compliment it, relate to it somehow in your daily life, or even complain about it.”

Wow. You mean I don’t have to sell my soul? That if I don’t want to promote someone, I don’t have to? That’s so much easier than duct taping over my Diet Coke bottles and ripping the logo off my jeans. I’m giving it a go and you might as well. Hit this URL and let’s do it for the love AND the money.

Who Do You Look Up To?

July 19, 2006

Just got an interesting email making me question whether the generation who’s all hot now (Y? Z? Millenniums?) has any decent role models in the media.

I guess what comes to mind is Ms. Spears/Federline, the Simpsons (not the cartoon ones, or are they?) and the Hiltons, nasty cRappers and related jailbait … but that can’t be all there is.

Personally, I think Angelina Jolie – aka Mother To the World – is pretty impressive. Salma Hayek is making people finally ask why more than 300 women have been murdered in Cuidad Juarez lately and the police don’t have a single suspect. Bono is still riling everyone up – or does he count because he’s like 200+ years old?

I recently got a CD from a jazz singer named Marilyn Scott. I’m not a jazz expert, but I know enough to say her voice is pretty good for a young, skinny chick.

Trouble is, the lyrics on the CD “Innocent of Nothing” are so transparent it’s maddening and almost insulting to listen to them. The music is good, the voice is good and the words are honestly crap. It’s like kindergarten komposing.
And I don’t understand. This is not her debut album and Scott’s voice is the instrument she’s showcasing. So why the predictable pap for lyrics? It’s like Carlos Santana playing guitar riffs on one of those plastic kiddie guitars. He might do it for a laugh, but not in his worst nightmare would it end up on a CD.

So here it is. A “bad” review. Ms. Scott, to need to have someone around you who will tell you when you’re not being challenged. You need writers who know more than words. Lip-syncing bimbos can get away with insipid lyrics, because top pop really is booty without brains. But jazz is smart. Jazz is witty and insightful. Don’t scrimp. Your talent deserves more introspection. Not to mention, more self-respect.